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Bilge pillow SorbSponge 1L

€ 29.00

SORBSPONGE bilge pillow 1liter capacity / 0,56 kg

 SorbSponge is
• a capillary action based cleaning method
• biodegradable and non-toxic, non-flammable, non-sinking

SorbSponge is available
• as pre-made collecting blankets and pillows (1l, 3l, 7l, or different sizes at request)

SorbSponge collecting/absorbing capability
1l (56g) will absorb 0,9dl of oil (liquid denser than water). SorbSponge absorbent is capable of collecting 99% of spilled oil from water.

SorbSponge absorbent disposal
Collected spille substances can easily be wrung/squeezed from the absorbent and reused in for example oil production or as fuels.
Residue absorbent can be treated with bacteria and later used as fertilizer, thus 100% of the absorbent can be reused and will not be harmful for the environment.

The SorbSponge™ absorbent is designed to eliminate toxic waste from entering the surrounding water or for the collection from the surrounding waters. SorbSponge™ absorbs virtually any liquid materials less dense than water, minimizing the negative environmental impact that boating has on our waters and living organisms.

Simply cover spills with SorbSponge™ absorbent, it floats up to 6 months. It does not absorb water but only liquids denser than water and thus cleans the water and does not release oily substances to the environment.

SorbSponge™ can be used to collect all liquids less dense than water (i.e. oils, fuel oils, lipids, solvents, organic acids)

SorbSponge™ will not accidentally stain or leak when saturated with the collected liquid. The absorbed liquid can be wrung or squeezed out of the material, if desired.

SorbSponge™ absorbents of different shapes and sizes allow for continual, maintenance-type, absorption. The pre-made collecting pillows work well in places of restricted access locations and are easily disposed of. Absorbent blocks can be broken into powder and thus easily spread over the spills. If there is no need to wrung the collected liquid out for reuse, saturated product may be discarded for example in municipal waste oil collection sites. If the absorbed liquid is wrung from the product, used powder is non-toxic and hence suitable for landfill disposal.

SorbSponge™ is very economical in comparison to other absorbing agents:
One liter (ca. 56 grams) of product absorbs 0,9 liters of liquid in a fast absorbing process. This is about three (3) times more than comparable products.
The use of SorbSponge™ gives more collecting power for the same investment.