• Simply place SorbSponge™ in your boat bilge, near your bilge pump suction area leave it in place for up to 6 months time.
• If there is no need to extract the collected liquid out for reuse, the saturated product may be discarded in municipal waste oil collection sites.
• If the absorbed liquid is wrung from the product, the remaining SorbSponge™ can be disposed of at a regular landfill.

SorbSponge™ does not absorb water but only liquids denser than water cleaning the water that manual or automatic bilge pumps return to the environment. Water pumped out from the boat is clean from fuels and oil - mitigating hazardous effects boating has on the environment.

The small cost of a SorbSponge™ can save you hundreds, or even thousands in fines! Harbors around the world are insisting on the use of the SrobSponge™ or similar products to ensure their harbors remain clean and safe and enforcing a lack of absorbents with fines.

• SorbSponge™ can be used to collect all liquids less dense than water (i.e. oils, fuel oils, lipids, solvents, organic acids)
• SorbSponge™ will not accidentally stain or leak when saturated with the collected liquid. The absorbed liquid can be wrung or squeezed out of the material, if desired.
• SorbSponge™ pillows of different sizes allow for continual, maintenance-type, absorption. The pre-made collecting pillows work well in places of restricted access locations and are easily disposed of.

SorbSponge™ is the most efficient marine oil absorbent on the market today: One liter or product absorbs 0,9 liters of unwanted luquids in a fast absorbing process.