Snubber TWIST


Snubber TWIST is a patented mooring compensator that absorbs the mooring line’s shocks and reduces the stress on your boat and the dock. Snubber products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials and are made to last severe weather conditions. The products will not lose color or leave marks on your boat. All Snubber products are designed and made in Finland.
  • Designed for up to 6000 kg or  – 13200 lb boats
  • Measurements 542 x 55 x 54 mm, weight 375 g (0.83 lbs)
  • Fits different line types and diameters, including ties
  • Can be used for the anchor line
  • Can be attached while the line is tied on both ends

Snubber Twist was nominated to the final round of the Dame Design Awards 2021 competition.

The DAME Design promotes design in all disciplines and to recognise the best-designed products at the METSTRADE Show. The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems.


Easy to use - Attachs in second

  • Quick simple attachment and detachment
  • No need to attach line permanently through compensator
  • Can also be attach while the line is tied on both end
  • No need of loose clips

For wide range of boats

  • Up to 6000 kg or 13200 lb sailing and motor boat
  • For any kind lines or ties up to 18 mm diameter

Protection for your boat and dock

  • Optimal elasticity and fast recovery to original size and
    length to absorb shocks in docking

Leaves no marks or streaks during use

  • No rubber or metal material
  • Does not clunk around or leave marks on your boat

Frequently Asked Questions

From our own website, our regional distributors and from our B2B representative Chris Yellow

Snubber Twist is primarily suitable for 500 to 6000 kg motor and sailing boats and all ropes with diameter less than 18 mm and for
various anchor lines

No, Snubber Twist is in one piece

We manufacture 5 different colors, but due to the special material we use, we can dye the product in different colors

Because of its unique fastening mechanism, Snubber Twist is ready to use for many different size boats with different size lines

You´ll get the most flexible attachment when you use one Snubber Twist at each fixed docking point.