4 x Snubber TWIST

A collection of four Snubber TWIST mooring compensators. Snubber TWIST is a mooring compensator, that absorbs the shocks on the mooring line and reduces the stress on your boat and the dock. Snubber products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials and are made to last severe weather conditions. The products will not lose color or leave marks on your boat. High-quality product designed and made in Finland.

– Designed for 2000 – 6000 kg or 4400 – 13200 lb boats
– Measurements 542 x 55 x 54 mm, weight 415g
– Fits different line types and diameters, including ties
– Can be used for the anchor line
– Can be attached while the line is tied on both ends

Colours: moon silver gray, navy blue, buoy red, cumulus white, or tar black



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