The collection includes four Snubber TWIST mooring compensators, four Snubber FENDER quick fasteners for your fenders and one Snubber PULL handling rope with a grip. Snubber PULL is always black in color and other products are available in five color options. All products are designed and made in Finland.

Snubber TWIST is a mooring compensator, that absorbs the shocks on the mooring line and reduces the stress on your boat and the dock. Snubber products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials and are made to last severe weather conditions. The products will not lose color or leave marks on your boat.

Designed for 2000 – 6000 kg or 4400 – 13200 lb boats
Measurements 542 x 55 x 54 mm, weight 415g
Fits different line types and diameters, including ties
Can be used for the anchor line
Can be attached while the line is tied on both ends
Colours: moon silver gray, navy blue, buoy red, cumulus white, or tar-black

Snubber FENDER is an easy-to-use fender fastener. Attaching your fender reliably happens in just seconds with the ability to adjust the height. Snubber FENDER fits all railing types regardless of the size. Rubber-like material doesn’t slide along the railing and doesn’t clunk around in your boat.

– Fits all different railing types including, chains, ropes, and bars
– Fits fender lines with a diameter of 5-8 mm and also fits flat ties
– Rubber-like material doesn’t slide along the railing
– Does not clunk around or leave marks on your boat
– Color options: moon silver gray, navy blue, red, white, or black

Snubber PULL is a comfortable handling strap for a rowboat or any small vessel. Securely attach the rope in a few seconds. Use the handling strap also to ease the docking of a larger vessel. The loop can be wrapped around a boat railing or a cleat in seconds, allowing you to pull or stabilize the boat. If you want to extend a pulling rope’s length, Snubber PULL can be tied to any other rope. Snubber PULL is also a handy tool for other uses, such as lifting heavy bags.

– Full length 130cm (51 inches)
– The loop is made out of high quality 10mm Robline polyester rope
– Elastic material allows a firm grip
– Does not leave marks or clunk around the boat
– Classic Black color



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