Fender Collection


The collection comes in navy blue or black and all products match in color. The dock will not scratch your boat because the collection includes four complete fender packages where one end of the line is tied to Snubber FENDER quick fastener and the other end is tied to Polyform F2 fenders with flexible covers.

4 x Snubber FENDER

Supreme heavy-duty fender made in one piece from our unique blend of high-class materials. The F-series fenders are equipped with rib-reinforced rope holds and are rotomolded from tough, flexible vinyl. The fenders are resistant to all weather conditions. The F-series fenders are used all over the world for fendering of pleasure boats, yachts, workboats, pilot boats, and the largest F-series fenders are used by national navies for ships up to 1500 ton d/w.

  • Diameter (max. recommended) 220 mm, Height 610 mm
  • Weight (nominal) 1,65 kg
  • Eye diameter for ropehold 28 mm
  • Valve type V10

4 x Polyform F2 -fender

Fender fasteners and four fender lines. Attaching your fender reliably happens in just seconds with the ability to adjust the height. They fit all railing types regardless of the size. Rubber-like material doesn’t slide along the railing and doesn’t clunk around in your boat.

  • Fits all different railing types including, chains, ropes, and bars
  • Fits fender lines with a diameter of 5-8 mm and also fits flat lines
  • Rubber-like material doesn’t slide along the railing
  • Does not clunk around or leave marks on your boat
  • The collection includes four fender fasteners and four fender lines
  • The length of the rope 1.6m and diameter 6 mm

4 x Fender Cover F2

Fendequip fender covers are manufactured from premium, stain-resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic fabric. Fendequip fender covers are specially designed to protect the topsides from fender scuff and help avoid costly gel coat repairs.

  • UV-protected acrylic fabric
  • Size 640 mm x 220 mm, weight 360g
  • Fits Polyform F2 fender

4 x Fender line 6 mm / 150 cm

1.5-meter fender line. The rope is twined polyester, sustains UV exposure, strenuous weather conditions, and wear.

  • Length 1.5 meters
  • Diameter 6 mm
  • Twined polyester rope